Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Children's book illustration

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Everybody knows what this scene is. Yay, Snowwhite dancing with dwarves!
It was the final assignment of 'Drawing from the Imagination' class which was one of the toughest of all my classes in AAU.

Pencil on sketchbook


summer 2007

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Eunjung June Kim said...

YES!!!!!!!!!!!! You finally uploaded!!

Oh my god...look at all those details!! You are really crazy bro! I was soooo impressed when i saw this on class. It was so cool. Your drawing really stood up in the wall you know.

Love the composition too. That chandelier is pointing the snow white which is a main character and the space allow me to look around the room. Plus that shadow.....oh dear lord!! awesome!! Love that you also put the detail inside the shadow.

Wish you put a little bit more detail on the drawer though...


마녀그림도 올려줘^^ please~