Thursday, March 12, 2009

Another concealed work

This one is pretty old too. I painted it for Watercolor class in Summer 2006.
Wrathful Poseidon is trying to smash Odysseus' raft because Odysseus blinded and insulted his son, Polyphemus who is a man-eating Cyclops. Fantastic story. I want to paint other episodes of the epic when I have chance.

Figure and portrait paintings

I hadn't posted my oil paintings on my blog because I didn't have digital files of them. I finally took photos of them and uploaded it. They are pretty old, two to three years, and all of them are inclass works in the Academy. I have never painted oil before and after the Academy. It's been over a year since my last oil painting class. I've focused on my comicbook works since then. I wish I still have the skill. I'm gonna practice oil painting soon again.

Continued from below...

My puss cat works were posted on the wall in 79 New Montgomery; not so many of my friends had noticed though. : (
Actually they were removed soon because I submitted them to Spring Show.
I wanted them remain on the wall little longer. ㅠㅠ